Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Fallen deeper than I thought

What started off as your plain, simple invite,
Became a whole new bright side,
Of things that is the unknown,
To me you have shown,
The kindess gesture,
That got me captured,
Into a whole new world with you,
That I'd never ever knew.

I've then taken the risk to see something new,
I've then choose to take a journey to explore a new view,
Little did I know I would see you,
In a whole new light that I'd never knew.

A little spark, a little brew,
A little liking, I had never knew,
Till someone asked, and got me all startled,
Then as I observed, I noticed the sparkle.

Should I? Or should I not, 
That's what I've been at knots,
Resisting it purely,
Refraining it truly,
Came to a journey,
That got me all weary,
So I decided to embrace it,
To see what we can create out of it.

The sweetness that came with it,
Was something that you lit,
Then I decided to stay at that shore,
To see what's there more,
I put my heart out on my hand,
And hope that you'll embrace it at the end,
Because things seems very possible,
Therefore I made my actions noticable,

I thought you were ready to explore, 
But little did I know that you were not on the spur,
Too guilty, too afraid that you'll repeat the past for sure,
But little did you know that I was ready to walk you through this sore.

I come to love not by finding a perfect person, 
but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly, 
That person is you indefinitely.

I've come to love you fully for who you are,
Every single cell that denotes you thus far, 
All the moments that you made,
That took my breath away,
Had surpasses all your weaknesses,
And made me see all your meekness.

I've fallen deeper that I thought,
Now how am I suppose to sort,
The feelings that I have for you in this heart,
That may never ever part.

If only you'd be open to explore,
To see what's in stored,
I believe you'll be amazed,
With what will be ablaze. 

I know that for sure,
Because I am assured,
That this love that is absurd,
Will definitely be superb. 

Falling deeper that I thought,
WK your heart I will continue to sought,
It's just a decision and choice to make,
To experience a whole new wake.


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